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Who we are?

Bulkeyseller is one of the largest e-commerce websites which deals in ordering bulk products online. The products available at bulkyseller are having a price lower than wholesale price because of bulkyseller deals with manufacturer without any middleman though best in quality. All the products and services are very well compared and suppose to be best from the very first step when you book your order online until the ordered product delivered at your doorstep.

Bulkyseller is the best T-shirts and promotions material wholesaler. We offer customised t-shirts in Chandigarh, customised t-shirts in Delhi, and also we offer all types of Customised corporate gifts, marketing materials, business essential and packing materials.

What we can do for you?
Our Expanded range of online products makes bulkyseller unique, one can buy products like online T-shirts, online hoodies, online keychains, online sippers, online pens, online stamps, online mugs, online bill book, online button badges, online envelops, online diaries , online notebook, online calendar, online mobile covers, online watches, online purse, online visiting cards etc.

Why Choose Us?

Apart from a huge range of online wholesale products, bulkyseller also deals in corporate promotion, corporate marketing, customized corporate gifts, custom printing, custom printing online, promotional marketing material and provide all the services and products which may be related to corporate promotions or business promotions.
What to do with your business?
We all know Corporate promotion is a kind of million dollar industry so every year every year huge budgets are made to make a company brand, now your all worries are comes to an end because one can order promotional corporate gifts online at bulkyseller at best and compared price.

How printing is done?

Offset printing:: When it comes to print in large quantities, offset printing is the best printing option. The job done at offset printing can give a more professional, clean and crisp look, this is why professionals should opt offset printing for large quantity.
The technique used for offset printing:
Offset printing adopts roller based printing, in which images are first transfer onto rubber with the help of aluminium plates then that printed rubber will roll onto the paper to transfer the job on the paper.

Digital printing:: Digital printing is one of the fastest and the easiest printing technique to do printing for brochures, visiting cards, leaflets, thank you cards, discount cards, calendars etc.
The technique used for digital printing:
It doesn’t use plates but uses laser or toner based printers and can print low quantity as well.
Because of printer based technology, a job can be done any time and in a quick way.

Screen printing:: To understand screen printing just think of stencils we used to use in our school time, screen printing is same like that but at a highly accurate and professional level. During screen, printing image is first transferred onto a very fine fabric(screen) so that the non-printed area can be blocked off. Finally, after placing the frame having a screen attached, ink is wiped across the screen so that the ink can pass through the unblocked area and transfer onto the substance.